A Comfortable Work Station

Heart Of Your Work Station

While your jeweler’s bench is the heart of operations your work station encompasses pretty much the whole operation.

When you first start out jewelry making your jeweler’s bench is probably nonexistent, your workbench is usually anything from the kitchen table to an old bench found lying about in the shed.

As the need arises you will probably want to uncomplicated your work practice. There is nothing worse than wanting to work at your jewelry making, but first you have to unpack all your gear. At the end of the day you have to pack it all up again. The jeweler’s bench is the heart of your work station. It is where most of the work is done. The idea of having the right sort of bench is so all your tools and various other jewelry making aids are at your finger tips.

Jewelers Bench

At first most workbenches seem pretty small but then again jewelry pieces are fairly small too. The idea of a good bench is so all tools a within reach. Usually your flex-shaft machine will also be attached to the bench along with all manner of objects to aid in the jewelry making process. The other workbenches that make up your work station also need to be close at hand.

Bench Types

The first thing you will notice about a jeweler’s bench is that it has a piece cut out where you sit to work. This cut out is where the bench pin is attached, this is where you will actually be working on your creation. This cut out not only allows you room to move but to get in close over the bench pin making it easier and more comfortable to work.

There are many different commercially available jeweler’s benches. Some have different types of draws, arm rests,different fixtures and different shaped cut outs. Your workbench is where most of your work will be done so choosing the right one is important!

It is also a personal choice as you will be the one using it.

I myself like a bench with a half-circle cut out. I find it gives me room to move and real easy access to the bench pin.

Depending on how involved your work practice is and the ammount of different processes you are using then two more workbenches are needed.

Of course you will need a bench for soldering and considerations need to be taken into account as heat and chemicals will be used.

For the forging process and other various hammering type operations a good solid bench is required. This workbench needs to be bolted to the floor to avoid it walking around during your jewelry making.Jeweler's Vise

This bench will incorporate an anvil and rolling mill. It is also a good idea to have a heavy vice attached to this bench to hold draw plates, dies etc.

Good lighting is a must for your work station! WJewelry Making Anvile are working on small projects and even with good lighting the need will arise when you will have to use some form of magnification to better see your work.

For ease of working and safety your workbenches should be kept clean and uncluttered. This makes working a joy an prevents your handmade silver jewelry piece while undergoing construction from receiving any unnecessary scratches.

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